Sunday, August 6, 2017

Resurrectio Cast S04/Ep20 Daybreak 2 & 3 Pt 1

The Nuggets get their wings in this episode as they have finally finished the series.  This the first of our two episodes where we discuss this epic two part series finale. Cylon Molly and Travis are our special guests once again.  In this episode we get Pete and Melanie's initial impressions as we finish up on Earth. 

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Resurrection Cast S04/Ep19 Daybreak Pt 1

Wow, the wait is almost over for the Nuggets as we finally get to discuss the first part of the series finale.  In this episode we are blessed to be joined once again by Cylon Molly and Travis.  During the discussion we ponder the meaning of the character flashbacks before the fall, enjoy Roslin's laugh, lament Gaius's treatment of his father, bask in Starbuck/Adama father daughter bonding and get pumped up for the rescue of Hera. 

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Resurrection Cast S04/Ep18 Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Sincere apologies  for the freakishly long delay on this episode folks.  In this long awaited episode Courtney, the Nuggets and special guest Michael discuss Islanded in a stream of stars.  Melanie has some serious feels about Hybrid Sam, we honor the unsung hero Six who sacrifices herself for Galactica, discuss creepy Cavil and the Captains sadistic desire to scavenge the Galactica, question if this was one Bill freak out too many and gear up for the finale.

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