Monday, March 14, 2016

Resurrection Cast S04/EP15 No Exit

 This Week we are joined by Rachel to discuss the exposition extravaganza of No Exit.  In this episode we marvel at the return of everyones favorite boozy blonde Ellen, enjoy the fact that we finally get some answers about the final five, worry about the fate of poor Sam post surgery, Bask in the evil mastermind skills of Cavil,  worry about poor Galactica and almost get into a shipper war.  

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  1. I like your podcast. I've been a fan of Battlestar forever. Your's is the second show by show podcast I've followed. There have been hours of my life spent chatting about this show and this episode in particular. It's really interesting to hear the conversation from a (mostly) girls perspective. This episode is one of my favorites. Cavel is the best bad guy. But, my friends and I never spent anytime talking about the relationships and emotional motivations of these characters. None of my friends ever asked, "Why hasn't Kara said I love you to Sam." But it's interesting to think about, and now that you brought it up, I can see the writers and actors were thinking about it.

    Thanks, great show.