Saturday, September 28, 2013

Resurrection Cast S03/Ep08 Hero

 In this episode of the Resurrection Cast the crew gets to hang out with a new special guest host, Cody to discuss Hero.  In this episode we debate the unsung heros of Galactica, psychological torture, prisoners of war, dodgy timelines, D'Anna's penchant for suicide, threesomes, sports metaphors and the broken bromance of Adama and Tigh. 

Sorry for the delay on this episode everyone, things got a little hectic around Resurrection Cast HQ this month.  

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  1. So I'm a recent follower of the podcast and just now got to this episode in your podcast. I know this is coming super late considering you're nearly done with the series but I felt I had to weigh in anyway mainly because I kinda like this episode. I know, I know. I fully admit it has writing flaws and acknowledge all the problems you three have with it.

    Perhaps I'm reading too much into it but I always saw this episode as being Tigh focused as opposed to being Adama-centric like many believe. Outwardly, it may appear to be Adama-centric but, and this may be me just reading too much into it, there's a lot of unconscious representation going on here. Namely with Bulldog. I always saw him as the physical manifestation of Tigh's anger and resentment towards Adama. Resentment for pushing him to leave Galactica. Resentment for leaving him there. Resentment for being the hero of who saved them all while sacrificing little. With that in mind, it's not too difficult to imagine Bulldog's words as he confronts Adama at the end coming out of Tigh's mouth. Everything about Bulldog is a representation of Tigh's dark persona. Even, dare I say, his complexion?

    So it only makes sense that it would be Tigh to come save Adama from, well, himself. And of course he'd do it wearing his Officer's uniform. Something he hasn't worn since he gave Gaeta that tongue lashing in the CIC. Anyway, with a heavy heart and an acknowledgment of all it's flaws, I have to give Hero 6.5 punches to the gut out of 10. Keep up the good work!