Sunday, February 17, 2013

Attention Nuggets!

Hey everyone, I have a bit of bad news.  Melanie has just been saddled with a very non-podcast friendly schedule at work, so she has had to step away from the show for a bit.  We are all hoping that it will change in a month or two, but because we cant know for sure, Pete and I are going to have to continue on without her for a bit.  She has recorded with us through Collaborators for season three. 

Our loss could be your gain! Are there any newbies to the show who are following along with the podcast? I am putting out the call. We would love the chance to get to hear your thoughts. I am not looking for a permanent replacement for Miss Melanie because I am holding out hope that her schedule will get changed but I am looking for any nuggets who would like a chance to guest host on the show for an episode. 

We record at 9:30pmCST on Wed nights, which is a rather odd time, but works for Pete's and my schedule. If you would like the chance to participate on the show give me a shout at Pete and I will be recording Torn and A measure of Salvation with Patrick and I would love to try and get a guest nugget for the episodes following, beginning with "Hero"

So Say We All


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