Monday, December 31, 2012

Have you seen The Resistance Webisodes?

Things are heating up around the Fleet.  The Nuggets and I are about to commence recording for Season 3.  Before we do that, however, we will be recording our analysis of the Resistance webisodes. I didn't even know that these existed until recently. ( I knew there were some in-between season 4 and 4.5).  These take place between the end of season 2 and before the first episode of season 3.  Oddly enough they do have a plot and contribute to the story arc, so check em out!  

They can be found on Hulu on the web and on the season 3 DVD special features.  If you are watching on Hulu and are a nugget, be careful that you dont accidentally watch the ones for season 4. Make sure they say  "The Resistance".  

We will be recording this Wed night and discussing, the webisodes, the Nuggets reaction to the show so far, favorite episodes/characters and stuff we loved and stuff we didn't.  It goes without saying that we would love some feedback.  What do you think of the webisodes, what are your  favorite/least favorite parts of the show so far? We would love to hear from you, send your thoughts to

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