Saturday, August 18, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep02 Valley Of Darkness

This week we are joined by Amberlee to conduct Giaus dream interpretation, take a break with Helo and Starbuck, bask in the awesomeness as Callie gets her Frak on, discuss the perils of Cylon boarding parties and ponder what Billy is packing in his trousers. 

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Episode Rating:
Melanie- 6.5 Luminous skulls
Pete- 7.0 Dead marines
Amberlee- 8.0 Destroyed giftshops
Courtney- 7.75 Headshot, reload, headshots

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep01 Scattered

As we kick off the Season 2 premiere, we are joined by Allie to ponder the flashback moustache effect, how to loose the fleet in 3 easy steps, Crashdown's lack of leadership and an age old question. Does it count as cheating if you frak multiple cylons but they are all the same model?