Monday, December 31, 2012

Have you seen The Resistance Webisodes?

Things are heating up around the Fleet.  The Nuggets and I are about to commence recording for Season 3.  Before we do that, however, we will be recording our analysis of the Resistance webisodes. I didn't even know that these existed until recently. ( I knew there were some in-between season 4 and 4.5).  These take place between the end of season 2 and before the first episode of season 3.  Oddly enough they do have a plot and contribute to the story arc, so check em out!  

They can be found on Hulu on the web and on the season 3 DVD special features.  If you are watching on Hulu and are a nugget, be careful that you dont accidentally watch the ones for season 4. Make sure they say  "The Resistance".  

We will be recording this Wed night and discussing, the webisodes, the Nuggets reaction to the show so far, favorite episodes/characters and stuff we loved and stuff we didn't.  It goes without saying that we would love some feedback.  What do you think of the webisodes, what are your  favorite/least favorite parts of the show so far? We would love to hear from you, send your thoughts to

So Say We All


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep12 Resurrection Ship Pt 2

Join the crew and special guest Michael as we finish the exciting three part arc of Adm. Cain.  Ding dong the witch is dead! The nuggets get fired up on this one as we tackle Cains funeral, Apollo in the depths of despair, Starbuck being saved by the bell, Frat boy soap smelling, Baby Agathon speculation, Melanie's quest for a callsign, Papadama and Roslin smoochies and the fleet gets a shiny new Admiral. 

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone

We hope that everyone has a great holiday season this year.   Thanks so much for supporting the show.  

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep11 Resurrection Ship Pt. 1

This week the crew is joined by special guest Michael to discuss the secrets of the resurrection ship, assasination plots, Galactica as a soap opera, the chances of Adama and Roslin hooking up before she dies, starstruck Starbucks and Courtney has a cat problem.  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep10 Pegasus

This week the Fleet encounters the crew of the Pegasus.  We are joined by special guest Brian to chronicle the disturbing behavior of Admiral Cain and her men, Adama loosing his power, the timely death of Lt. Thorn, and we ponder the brutality towards Six and Sharon,as seen through the eyes of the men who love them. Hug a cylon today, they need it. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep09 Flight of the Phoenix

In Fiight of the Phoenix we are joined by guest host Michael Warren to discuss Chief leveling up, what happens when you violate the Bro Code, why you shouldnt mouth off the Starbuck and Sharon saves the day by getting her Cylon on.  The Nuggets also gear up for Pegasus. 

* I just want to mention that you might have noticed that episodes are coming out more frequently lately.  The nuggets and I have finished recording for season 2 and are taking a hiatus until the new year.  I am working hard to get things published as quickly as I can.  So be sure to check back often for new episodes.  I am trying to get everything published before we start recording again, I might not make it but I am gonna try my best.  


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep08 Final Cul

Cylon Mollie returns to the fleet to discuss Final Cut.  In this episode we discuss Pete's feelings for D'anna "the Warrior Princess" Biers, the merits of Propaganda, poetic plots to kill Col Tigh and the ladies get a little frisky.... we blame Apollo's abs. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep 6&7 Home Parts 1 &2

It's a double header on the Resurrection Cast as we are joined by guest Nugget Conan to discuss Home parts 1 and 2.  Nugget speculation abounds with theories flying left and right. We discuss cylon trust issues, Zarak's shady friends, inept CAG's, awkward moments, tombs, 6's ponytail, lower demons and we meet Petes new cat. 

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Feedback from Kelsey and Amberlee for Home 1&2

Can I first just say: WHAT THE FRACK, LEE? Seriously? A kiss? What a putz!

Oh - Hi guys! Miss you!

So - I find it adorable that Baby-Boomer is in Pythia :) And I think she's a total bad ass when she proves to Lee that she won't kill him in Part One. Squee! (Why are they making her a red-shirt so literally? Anyone expect her to be dead by the end of the episode? Visually, it is stunning - the gorgeous greens of Kobol with the greys of the humans and then Sharon in bright, bright red! It's just pretty. This episode/series is so pretty.)

I feel like Lee broke the rules. That Kara and Lee were in this weird awkward-lusty-siblings place and he took it to a bad place. Also - I'm on Sam's team. Straight up. And perfectly comfortable saying it. I'll make t-shirts. We'll confuse the hell out of the Twi-moms and start a new fad. Team Sam vs. Team Lee - where do you side?

OMG DEE IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER EVER! I LOVE IT WHEN SHE IS THE INTERNAL MONOLOGUE OF ADAMA! SHE'S A FRACKING ROCKSTAR! I literally get weepy! I just love her! The most. Dee for fracking president."We're putting our family back together" and Dee's little face! Holy holy.

Can we talk about how Adama is referring to Roslin as "believing" and how they need to work forward with that in mind? Such an echo of Roslin referring to Baby-Boomer's belief in her love. I love that parallel! It's so clever. And so familiar - Adama has said the same thing before about the Cylons - that being in love is thinking that you are in love; that having faith is thinking that you have faith - everything is in one's own mind. It's all over the place, everyone is dealing with the belief of someone else - having to take that belief seriously and work according to the rules of that belief... I find it so fascinating. Because it is complex. We aren't dealing with facts - or even with who knows what information - we're dealing with the minds/opinions/beliefs of people. Which! IS COOL!

"We know more about your religion than you do." You TELL 'EM, girl!

"There is no chip" <- Melanie did you lose your mind?

"Topography's for pansies, anyway" CHIEF WINS!

Baby-Boomer and Helo for Couple of the Fracking Year! AREN'T THEY JUST THE CUTE?!?!?!
Also - their conversations about memories and things - Helo just takes it in stride. Boyfriend of the year. (I take it back - every conversation that they have is incredible!)
 Also! BROWNIE POINTS to frackin' Kara for standing up for them - "He loves her" - you tell 'em! 

Home, for me, seems to be a lot of the Female characters standing up and pushing buttons -> Dee, Kara, Baby-Boomer, Six, Roslin... HUGS ALL AROUND!

PARENT CHILD REUINIONS!!!! Okay - so who do you think won in terms of emotional depth? Roslin/Billy or Adama/Kara? My vote is always for Adama/Kara to win ALL THE THINGS! 

Who else caught that Gaius flipped Doctor-Awesome off?

Oh!!!!!!!!! Helo's face when Chief walks up!!!! POOR HELO! JUST!!!! MEN AND THEIR FACES!

I really love the shot of Roslin and Adama talking and between them - in the background - is Baby-Boomer and Helo talking. I don't know why I love it so much, it's just PRETTY. And then how Roslin peeks over at the kids talking! SUCH GOOD PARENTS! (I'm so on mommy/Starbuck's team, though)

AND THEN! In the midst of all this discussion of belief and the things that you believe framing your Reality - there is Baby-Boomer with her very poignant display of Free Will - that thing that so far has defined the difference between Humans and Cylons suddenly doesn't exist anymore. If Baby Boomer can love - if she has Free Will - then is there any sense of difference? How do we define difference between them now?

Starbuck has fangirl squee in the tomb with the icons. And I find that endearing. She's also the one (other than Baby-B) that can just quote scripture out of the sky. I really love that about her.

When Adama claps - it scares me a little.

GAH! I hope you guys liked these episodes. I am very partial to all the emotional reunions and BabyBoomer being a BAMF and the Tomb of Athena is possibly one of my favorite mythos-scenes!

Miss and love you all!!!!


 hope that it is alright to include my feedback for both of the "Home" episodes in one email. It sounded like you would be recording the episodes together, but I'll divide my thoughts into two sections in case I misunderstood.

Home Part 1

I enjoy a lot of things about this episode from Roslin's rebellion to Elosha blowing up (explosions are always cool.) Here are some of my thoughts:
  1. Mommy and Daddy are still fighting. This family is always more interesting when there is some internal conflict and this episode is no exception. I'm always struck by how Adama is concerned, not with the number of people who side with Roslin, but with the supplies that they have lost. He seems to be taking on a bit of Tigh's command style here, and it doesn't look as good on him as it does on Tigh (Yes I like Tigh, I have this weird thing for quirky old guys on TV. Walter Bishop, Christian Shepard, Colonal Tigh, I love them all, it's weird.) It's always admirable how both Roslin and Adama stick to their guns, even though they are both a little cracked.
  2. I love Dee. I love that Adama asks to talk to her, and I love that she points out that it's only because he thinks she has nothing to say. She is sort of like Zarek (weird comparison, but stay with me) in that she is highly perceptive and she's not wrong. She's a great voice for the audience, especially coming from Sagittaron - which is Courtney hasn't told you is the colony that was essentially taken advantage of by all the others. They are the lowest on the totem pole of colonies as it were, which I think makes Dee more in touch with what the average member of the fleet would feel and also what the audience is bound to feel (I don't think that's spoilery at all but if you need to cut it, Courtney, then please do.) Also Adama is building a ship! That is all.
  3. The short scene with Gaius and Head Six standing inthe doorway of the lab is really telling to me. Gaius is starting to feel less connected to the people of the fleet which, I think, is shown in the use of slow motion here. It's sort of a "he lives among us, but he is not one of us" moments (damn you LOST *shakes fist*)
  4. Have a mentioned that I love ALL THINGS KOBOL!? Because I do, and I just feel like reiterating this point. I am a mythology girl all the way and it doesn't get more mythological than Kobol, throw in references to Zeus, Athena, and Aries and my little geek heart is all aflutter.
  5. Elosha blows up and it's all very sad, but someone had to go right? Per the podcast commentary on the DVD they actually went back and forth between Elosha and Billy several times in this episode before they settled on blowing her up. Come to think of it, maybe it would have been better to have Billy get blown up ;)

Home Part 2

  1. Gaius and Head Six are awesome. I love that she convinces him he is crazy, and that he actually considers the craziness mostly because it gives us more Doc Cottle (quirky old men, remember :) ) I've also been waiting, along with everyone else listening I'm sure for this moment on confirmation that Gaius does not actually have a chip in his head. 
  2. Sharon is the best of all the people. I love that she points out that the cylons know more about human religion than they do. It's a really nice way of shining a light on the ignorance of the human race in this moment. The cylons have taken the time to learn about the humans and about their religious beliefs, where the humans, to our knowledge, have done know such thing. Instead they persecute, what can be seen as, another race, religion, orientation, country *coughcough* (pick your metaphor) without being fully educated on what it is exactly that they are fighting against. This is one of those moments where the show does an excellent job of being both of it's time and timeless.
  3. Zarek. I LOVE ZAREK MORE THAN MOST THINGS. I'm certain that this is weird, but I find him endlessly fascinating. He's sort of like a micro version of the cylon vs human metaphor. To some he's a terrorist, to some he's a freedom fighter. Just like the show in general, it all depends on your point of view. What I  enjoy most about him here is that he knows when to quit. He is smart enough to know that going through with any sort of assassination attempt at this moment is no longer a good idea, AND HE'S RIGHT. This is something that I think Kelsey pointed out some time ago, Zarek is seldom wrong it's only that no one is willing to listen to him. 
  4. Tyrol comes face to face with Sharon. Awkward town, population: Tyrol.
These are the thoughts I had as I watched this time. I'm looking forward to hearing why Melanie doesn't particularly care for the episode, because I'm so in love with mythology and Zarek that I'm sort of blind to all else ;)


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep05 The Farm

In this episode, Adama returns to duty, Roslin is on the run, Sam and Starbuck play house and Kelsey helps us tackle the horror of "The Farm".

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Phone ate your facebook request

So about 2 days ago I (Courtney) received a request that someone wanted to join the Facebook spoiler group.  Somehow or another,  my phone ate your request and I can't seem to find the request on facebook. I would love to add you to the group and dont want anyone out there thinking that we are a bunch of snooty BSG snobs who dont let people in our groups.  So please ask again Ms. Matthews,  we would love to include you. Now I will commence with beating my phone into submission...Bad phone.... ( I am  holding the phone responsible for this as we are all well aware that it could not be operator error...... nope.... no operator error going on here)

So Say We All


Friday, October 5, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep04 Resistance

In this weeks exciting episode of the Resurrection Cast, kelsey joins us to discuss Melanie's new crush, Sam Anders, gender roles in space, Baltar's motivations and Pete denys his Jock hate. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep03 Fragged

In this episode we are joined by Conan our guest Nugget, to ponder the drug habits of the Gemenese, the bumbling behavior of two officers who should never be in charge and oh yeah.... Baltar pulls the trigger. 

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep02 Valley Of Darkness

This week we are joined by Amberlee to conduct Giaus dream interpretation, take a break with Helo and Starbuck, bask in the awesomeness as Callie gets her Frak on, discuss the perils of Cylon boarding parties and ponder what Billy is packing in his trousers. 

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Episode Rating:
Melanie- 6.5 Luminous skulls
Pete- 7.0 Dead marines
Amberlee- 8.0 Destroyed giftshops
Courtney- 7.75 Headshot, reload, headshots

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Resurrection Cast S02/Ep01 Scattered

As we kick off the Season 2 premiere, we are joined by Allie to ponder the flashback moustache effect, how to loose the fleet in 3 easy steps, Crashdown's lack of leadership and an age old question. Does it count as cheating if you frak multiple cylons but they are all the same model? 

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/Ep13 Kobols Last Gleaming Pt 2

In the final episode of season 1, the crew is joined by Amberlee to discuss, naked Sharon love, the Starbuck and 6 cage match, Gaius' trip through the Opera House and oh yeah.... Adama takes two to the chest.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/Ep12 Kobols Last Gleaming Pt 1

As we start our journey through the 2-part season 1 finale, we are joined by Amberlee to discuss why Apollo never wins, Starbuck's walk of shame, the perils of being a red shirt Raptor crew and President Roslin as Moses.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/Ep11 Colonial Day

In this Episode the crew are joined by special guest Michael, to discuss starbuck in a dress, the fact that galactica needs a Hobbit, the perils of Colonial politics and things you should never tell Ellen Tigh. 

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Rating the journey so far....

The Mini-series
  • Melanie - 9 whatever hair products Gaius is using 
  • Courtney - 9.5 Razzle Dazzle formations
  • Pete - 8 flashlight kills

  • Melanie - 7 double entendres
  • Courtney -  8.5 stimulated caps
  • Pete - 8 FTL jumps
  • Will - 9 hijacked passenger ships
  • Cylon Mollie - 8 memorial pictures on the wall

  • Melanie - 9 smokes blown into the face
  • Courtney - 7.75 lingering hugs
  • Pete - 8 JPs of water
  • Michael - 9 (.5) anti radiation neck sticks 

Bastille Day
  • Melanie - 7 hardened criminals
  • Pete - 6
  • Courtney - 8.5 dueling Apollos
  • Michael - 8 frakin rats

Act of Contrition
  • Melanie - 6.5 nuggets
  • Courtney - 7 cylon inspired jodies
  •  Pete - 5 cylons I am sure of so far

You can't go home again
  • Pete - 7.5 bio-mechanical cylon raiders
  • Melanie - 7 pieces of yellow duct tape
  • Courtney - 9 breathing galactica cockroaches
  • Robin - 10 breathable slim jims

  • Pete - 7 cylon suicide bombers
  • Melanie - 9 hugs that I would like to give to Chief
  • Courtney - 7.5 cylons out of the bag
  • Heidi - 7 bits of Doral

Six Degrees of Separation
  • Pete - 9.5 uncomfortable bathroom stall moments
  • Melanie - 10 moments of salvation
  • Courtney - 9 shots to Roslin's bum "It's not that kind of shot."
  • Michael - 8 kneeling Gaius Baltars
  • Conan - 8.5 cylons having sex out of wedlock

Flesh and Bone
  • Pete - 8 hours of Starbuck influenced torture
  • Melanie - 8 cylon lullabies
  • Courtney - 10 cryptic Leoben-isms
  • Kelsey - 9 stream metaphors

Tigh me up, Tigh me down
  • Pete - 7 trainwreck cougar XO wives
  • Melanie - 5.5 bottles of ambrosia
  • Courtney - 8 pretty pink twinsets
  • Tabz - 9 pulling your boyfriend out of the mud

Hand of God
  • Pete - 9 Adama family lighters
  • Melanie - 8.75 instruments of god
  • Courtney - 9 Gaius' wild ass guesses
  • Michael - 9 hallucinatory snakes

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/Ep10 Hand of God

In this episode the crew discusses Roslin's acid trip, the bitter colonial press, the rare occasion where Starbuck cant be a Mary Sue and Pete finally says something nice about Apollo.   

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Where is Hand of God?

So you may be wondering about new episodes..... Well here is the deal.  We have several recorded and awaiting editing.  In the meantime I have had the worst couple of months ever in my personal life so I have avoided editing like the plague.  My slump is over and I am back at work to bring you new eps.  Look for hand of God to be posted this weekend and the rest of season 1 to follow pretty quickly thereafter.  We will be recording Ep 2 of season 2 this Thursday so feel free to submit any feedback for any of the episodes yet published.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/Ep09 Tigh me up Tigh me down

In this episode we are joined by Tabz and discover the tragic comedy of the one and only Mrs. Ellen Tigh.  Topics for this episode include, the likelihood of Gaius actually identifying a Cylon, and the actual age of the cylons.  Melanie and Pete debate and are split on whether Ellen is a Cylon.  

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/Ep08 Flesh and Bone

I know, I know, it took me long enough to edit this bad boy, but here it is. 

In this episode of Resurrection Cast Courtney, Melanie and Pete are joined by special guest Kelsey to decode the cryptic dialogue of Leoben. We discuss the ethics of torture, Starbuck's tumultuous childhood, and the 
religious beliefs of the cylons.

So check it out and if you like what you hear.... get on over to iTunes and leave us a review.

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/EP07 Six Degrees of Separation Pts 1 and 2

It was a long one folks and we hope you will enjoy it.

In this first part of a two part episode Courtney, Melanie, and Pete are joined by special guests Conan and Michael to discuss the ever evolving relationship of Six and Gaius Baltar.  We discuss the Benjamin Franklin factor, the infamous bathroom scene, and of course, we debate on who exactly is Shelly Godfrey.  

In Part two The intrepid newbies continue their analysis of Six Degrees of Separation with the help of Courtney and Michael.  In this part, the newbies tackle Roslin's "gut feelings," the sincerity of Gaius' foxhole conversion, and of course glowy cylon sex scenes.  

Download Part 1

Download Part 2

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recording Hand of God

Hey everybody, we will be recording our show for Hand of God tomorrow ( Wed night) and would love a little feedback.  There is still time to get your voice heard on the show.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Resurrection Cast S01/E06 Litmus

In this episode of Resurrection Cast the crew is joined by Heidi to discuss "Litmus." We discuss the ethics of cylon witch hunts, the possibility of Six and Gaius staring in their own version of the "Donna Reed show," and of course poor Chief Tyrol.

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Litmus will be posted tonight

Sorry for the delay folks, we had some audio issues for this episode and it took a while to edit. putting the finishing touches on today and the episode will be published this evening after I get home from work.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/E05 You Can't Go Home Again

In this episode Courtney, Melanie, Pete and special guest Robin discuss "You can't go home again."  Listen as we discuss strategically placed blankets, biological cylon raiders, and  the miracles of duct tape.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Resurrection Cast S01/E04 Act of Contrition

This week the crew discusses the softer side of Starbuck, the perils of proper Nugget training and what to pack for the apocalypse.  Oh and Melanie misses Baltar.

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