Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cylon Cyber Attack!

There has been some concern as of late that this show has pod faded, died, or otherwise dropped off the face of the earth.  This is cylon propaganda, don't believe it.  About a month ago my PC caught a nasty little virus (damn Cylons!) So in that time, we recorded a podcast, my PC ate the podcast, our guest host Michael (may the lords of Kobol bless him) recorded the show and so I recovered it, I bought a Mac, had to figure out how to podcast on a mac, were going to record last week but my PC audio set up wouldn't work, had guest hosts be unavailable and finally my new mic arrived.... So a lot going on.  My new mic is working well, Pete and I have a test recording session tonight and if the Gods are willing we might even be able to record this week.  I am hours away from getting the final edit done on Bastille Day.  It will be up by Friday at the latest.   I hope you guys can be patient with us just a little bit longer and we hope to be able to start pushing the show out with a little more frequency and consistency after the holidays are over. Take heart, the newbies are suffering as well.  They have been cleared hot to watch "You can't go home again" because I thought it was too cruel to leave them hanging with Act of Contrition.  We should be able to bang out recording both episodes pretty quickly.   So check back in thoughout the week and you should be able to get your Apollo vs Apollo fix with Bastille Day.  Thanks for you patience!

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