Friday, November 11, 2011

Where the frak is Water?

So for those of you who might be wondering "where the hell is the next episode of Resurrection cast?" I have some annoying news.  My PC is currently under cylon cyber attack and I am fighting off a nasty little virus which keeps trying to take over.  I have managed to secure the podcast files on my external but... I think I killed the little fraker last night but I am not gonna take any chances with editing right now.  Have no fear the new imac I ordered is en route and will be here monday and then I can get cracking.  So water should be up shortly thereafter and we have already recorded for Bastille day so that one should be out pretty quick too. I apologize to our listeners for the delay but the evil cylon horde is hell bent on fraking my computer and that is pretty much taking all my spare time to get rid of that stupid thing and prevent it from eating the show files.  So wish me luck on my counter attack and please bear with us during this mini break. 

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